UPMC Pillars of Excellence

UPMC Health Services Division Priorities include People, Quality/Efficiency, Service, and Finance. Operational Excellence Work Streams were established to support the system priorities to achieve success.

Patient Access/
HSD Front Door

This pillar work drives CMI referral volume to UPMC while presenting a seamless patient experience

IDFS/Care Coordination/ Discharge Planning

This pillar work aims to implement systemwide care coordination structure to improve patient/member care, enhance clinical outcomes, and lower total costs

Surgical Services Effectiveness

This pillar work will optimize and standardize surgical supply utilization and streamline data management, reporting, reducing variability of block scheduling, and define a process for prioritizing surgical cases

Clinical Service Coverage & Coordination

This pillar will align services and access needs to assure consistent care delivery across Allegheny County, Pennsylvania

Acute Care Optimization

This pillar work will create supply standardization, new care processes, and regionalize capacity management

Clinical Quality Capture

This pillar examines Vizient data validation and Nuance implementation while improving provider documentation to accurately reflect patient acuity